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Mobile Apps for Authors

The author website is now only one place among many, where authors need to have a presence online. All of these many disparate places can now be represented by a  single, cohesive mobile platform:

What can a Mobile App do for Authors?

Increased Reader Engagement

You can engage your readers anywhere, anytime. With a mobile app you can post instant updates, news and special offers directly to your biggest fans.

Reviews and Feedback

Encourage new app users to review your books, comment on your website and participate on your social media channels.

Launch Team Management

Run your launch team directly via your mobile app. Communicate instructions, deliver ARC’s and get your team to take action.

Latest Content from Your Blog

Your mobile app can pull in any RSS feed, including your latest articles from your blog.

Direct Book Purchase Links

Display direct buying links for all of your books across all of the different market places.

Quizzes & Polls

Present Quizzes and Polls to keep your readers engaged and entertained while learning more about them.

Social Media

Integrate your most useful social media channels and get your readers even more engaged with your books.

Book Marketplace Purchase Links

App Store Publishing Options

Highlighted Features and Benefits

Book Feature

Feature your books directly in your app with stunning graphics, a book synopsis and specific buy buttons for the various marketplaces where your books are sold and gather statistics on who is buying your books using tracking links.


Featuring your books directly within your mobile app allows your users to get an in-depth, feature rich experience of your books before they buy. You can include PDF downloads for sample chapters, video trailers (or any other videos) and audio MP3’s so they can listen to whatever you want to share about your books.

List Building

Grow your email list directly from your mobile app using embedded HTML forms. Works with any email marketing system that supports embedded forms: ActiveCampaign, Aweber, GetResponse, Drip, MailChimp, etc.


Open up a whole new world of readers via the app marketplaces on Apple’s App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. As new users join your email list you can “tag” them so you can track exactly who (and how many users) are coming from your mobile app.

Launch / Street Team

Run your launch team directly through your mobile app with a private Login area just for them.


Never worry about your launch team missing your Facebook posts or your emails getting lost in their spam folder. Your mobile app can be your command center for running your book launch. Your team participants can receive your ARC’s in Epub or PDF format, they can ask questions, receive promotional materials like graphics, videos and audios, they can give you feedback on cover designs and much more.

Push Notifications

Also known as Announcements, Push Notifications allows you to send messages directly to the users of your mobile app.


Push Notifications allow you to keep in touch with your readers and fans and reach them wherever they are, instantly on their mobile device. Using custom Notification Types, you can segment your messages to specific groups of users too.

App Share

Your app users are able to share your app via Facebook and email.


Spreading the word about your mobile app is one of the best ways to grow your author platform. Getting your avid readers and biggest fans to do it for you is even better!


Your app users can quickly see definitions and backgrounds for terms and characters that appear in your books.


If you are a Fiction author you can create a list of characters, list of places, list of holidays and festivals or any other items that need defining that provide a richer experience for your readers.

If you are a Non-fiction author you can include definitions of terms used, an index of places referenced and any other dictionary-like data that would benefit your readers.

Epub Documents

You can distribute epub documents directly to your mobile app users which they can read right on their mobile devices. For Apple devices a built-in epub reader is also included.


Reward your biggest fans, publish short stories or novellas, or just simply sell special epub documents directly to your readers. You can even lock your epubs behind a password protected login so only your most loyal fans can get access.


Stream your podcast episodes directly through your mobile app.


Attract new listeners to your podcast or start a podcast and bring a whole new dimension to your author platform. In addition to podcast episodes, you can stream any MP3 audio, including audio versions of your books, novellas or even personal messages to your fans.

Blog / RSS Sources

Connect your mobile app directly with your WordPress blog. Connect with multiple RSS sources, only a valid RSS feed is required.


Including your blog content makes your mobile app your readers most valuable resource. Your feeds can include all of your blog content or just selective content aimed directly for your mobile app users. Including RSS feeds from other sources that are related to your writing will help make your app the go to resource for your audience.

In total, there are over 25 specific features that help authors.

Email Marketing Integration

Mobile App Pricing

Our mobile app packages are extremely affordable and start at just $995.

The best thing to do now is grab a free mobile app consultation and we'll see what features will work best for you.

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